Monday, December 23, 2013

Glitter Ornaments

I love how easy these are to make, but also oh so pretty. You need only three things to make these.
  • Clear ornaments (glass or plastic) that the tops can be removed from (they have them at Michael's)
  • Liquid food coloring
  • Glitter
Remove the tops from your ornaments. Depending on the size and shape, put a drop or two of food coloring inside. You can coat all of ornament, or create a design by swirling it in specific ways. Because of the point in my ornaments, most of the coloring and glitter collected in the bottom and fanned out from there. You can pour any extra onto a paper towel or into another ornament.

Now add the glitter. You can create a funnel by snipping off the end of an envelope, or folding a piece of paper. Now shake the ornament, covering the hole, making sure it coats all the places where there is dye.
Let them dry, then put the tops back on.
 You can put ribbon or twine through the loop if you want. These make a great gift, and it's very easy to make lots of them at one time.

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