Sunday, January 4, 2015

My Plans for 2015

Happy New Year! This past year has been rather hectic for me. But so many things are going to be happening in 2015. I will be getting my permit this year. That is scary. But, that also means I can drive to places like flea markets and antique stores.

I'm looking around for jobs right now, working my way towards a car {I'm envisioning a cute little bug}. My family is remodeling our house this year, which means a new room for me. I just recently got a new bedspread, and I will post the room design when it's done!

I'm also hoping to do some challenges and new year's resolutions this year. A couple of friends, my sister, and I are doing a reading challenge throughout the year by Popsugar {if your interested, you can find the list of challenges here}. It's nice because the list still gives you a wide range of options.

I'm also doing this three week cleanse that helps clear all the junk food and stuff out of you body. Here comes a few weeks of salads and no bread or chocolate.  And of course, some deep cleaning needs to happen. I just need to take a week and go through the junk in my room and on the computer.

And I can't forget regularly updating the blog! So, Happy New Year everybody! I would love to hear what your resolutions and plans are for this year.