Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Summer Days

I've had a crazy summer. Now summers almost at it's end. Here are some photos I took over the summer.

1. My brother goes outside to play basketball in the summer a lot. I took this shot during the 'magic hour', right before the sun fades.
2. This is one of my favorites. We have a big backyard, and we had the wedding reception for our pastor's daughter in it. At the end of the reception, when they leaving for their honeymoon, they couple ran through lines of sparklers.
3. This one is also from the wedding reception. It was part of the decorations they put. I love the raw bulbs against the wood with the metal rims.
4. When my family was visiting my cousins in Colorado, we went on a picnic in the woods. This was my seat.
5. We went to a small town called Cottonwood for the Fourth of July. I took about forty photos of fireworks, trying to get one to turn out just right.
6. We have been having some huge monsoons in Arizona. This was the start of the third storm in four days that passed over us.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Bohemian Fishtail Braids

So, this is my last braid in this year's series! :( I really like fishtail braids, since you can make them about as messy as you want, and they still look fine. This style has a sort of Bohemian look to it, rather carefree and playful.

1. Separate your brushed hair into two equal parts.
2. Begin to fishtail braid one side. To fishtail braid, separate your hair into two equal parts. Take a small strand of hair from the outside of one section and put it over that section, then under the second. Do this with the the other section.
3. Once you finish one braid, repeat it with the other side. If some of your hair falls out, or you have bangs, you can make that into a small fishtail and pin it back.