Monday, December 16, 2013

Cookie Tips

I love to eat cookies around the holidays, and I love to decorate them even more. Here are some simple tips for decorating delicious cookies.

This snowflake was created by placing a circle of frosting in the middle of the cookie, then dragging the frosting out in a snowflake shape and then covering it in white sugar to give it a glittery snow affect.

This is a lacey pattern. Create vertical lines on the cookie with frosting. Now you can drag some of the frosting out with a toothpick or use more frosting in a sloppy herringbone pattern, creating the feeling of lace. You must do this from one line to the next, angling them so as to avoid straight across lines.

This is one of my favorite patterns because it looks so hard, but is so simple. Do a base layer of frosting, coating the entire cookie. In a different color frosting, make lines that all go the same direction. Take a toothpick and drag from one end of the cookie to the other in any way you want. For mine I piped vertical lines, then drew the toothpick through horizontally.

Try adding a bit of vanilla or almond extract to your frosting recipe to add a depth of flavor. I am not a fan of super sweet frosting, so I like to add a bit of vanilla. To help balance out sweet frosting, the sweeter my frosting, the more savory cookie I use. You don't have to stick with the colors of food coloring in your box, or buy special colors. Mix your own, carful not to add to many colors to avoid that mucky brown color. It creates unique colors that give your cookies that extra little pop. Hope you enjoy decorating (and eating) your cookies!


  1. I love these cookies - and what you are learning to do. I still want to "play" at this with you sometime!